The Newfoundland Turnip Vol. 1


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  • It started as an anonymous Facebook page in July 2015 posting daily Internet memes with a Newfoundland twist. Eight years later, the Newfoundland Turnip has amassed a following of over 250,000 from all over the world.
  • Part comic book, part biography on the growth of a local Internet sensation, this book will take you through the journey of The Newfoundland Turnip thus far. 
  • This book will have you cracking up laughing while confusing you, offending you, and warming your heart like you’d just had a cup of tea in Nan’s kitchen—just like any basic cultural Newfoundland experience should.
  • Pages: 195
  • Author: The author of this book is a young fella who grew up in Conception Bay South.Mike's love for rural and urban Newfoundland culture has always been a part of who he is.Choosing not to personally claim the fame behind the Newfoundland Turnip, Mike enjoys making people laugh and bringing all hands together. Despite being a shed-level intellectual, Mike has built an unofficial platform for one to study modern-day NL socio-economics.